Profitable High Priced Consulting – 3 Secrets to Increase Your High Priced Consulting

What are 3 secrets to increase your high-priced consulting? Be very open about the fact that you have your high-priced consulting service. Find forums that you can talk about bits and pieces regarding your consulting service. Wherever you happen to be when you’re off-line, remember to keep promoting your consulting service. Your promotion remark can start with an innocent thought like, “You know the other day I was talking with one of my clients who was telling me how happy she felt that she had finally reached the $100,000 mark. I congratulated her and encouraged her to continue to use the information from our consultation that fit best.” Saying remarks like that gets people’s curiosity up. Now let’s get to those three secrets.

1. Draw attention to the consultation service by dropping little hints about it here and there. However, when you talk about your business instead of telling people what you do, tell them what they get from a consultation with you. For example, somebody says to you, “What is it you do for a living?” You can answer that question with another question. You can say, “Before I answer that question would you please tell me what you do for a living?” When that person tells you their occupation, ask them, “What is your most pressing challenge?” When the person answers you, say, “Please, tell me more.”

As you hear the person complaining, take notes. Repeat back to that person what you understand about his or her greatest challenge. When a person confirms you understand it correctly, say something like this, “I show people how to eliminate their most pressing life challenges such as (describe back to him or her their most pressing challenge.) People come to me and I coach them how to think differently to get what they really want out of life.” So what you have done is engaged the person in a dialogue with you. This is a great way to make contacts as you promote your high-priced consulting service.

2. Get people to talk to you about their most pressing business problems. As you make personal connections with these people, this is a great way to increase your high-priced consulting contacts. Let them go on and on and then suggest to them that you might be able to help them with your private consultation service. Remember to direct them to your article marketing articles in your favorite article directories. Remember to get their contact information.

3. Volunteer in your community. Sometimes this can bring high-priced consultations with private citizens. People who are interested in community organizations most likely have a job. If they feel unhappy in their job, and are looking to feel fulfilled in their work, this may be a great way for you to get a consultation with that person. Like-minded people will often times have similar hobbies or interests with those also volunteering in the community. Share your common interests and make a solid business connection! You can do it!